Artotheque de Rome

The director Sabine Oberti said:

"I received this mattima mails and calls from Paris to let me congratulate you for the invitation." Very chic "... The viola is very liked.
The French do not have the habit of complimenting it.
So, I turn all the compliments because it's your job to be awarded. See you tomorrow."

Artothèque de Rome
"A new way (already experienced in New York, Paris and Berlin) to enjoy the artwork. In Rome, in via Margutta (street pf painters), was inaugurated Artothèque de Rome. Among the artists featured in the catalog names of Alain Clement, Cecile Benoiton, Djamel Tatah, Hugues Roussel, Maia Flore, Ruiz Vida, Miss Tic ... "

Massimo tosti

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