Beer on the fly

Downing a good beer can often be a bit like taking flight – that unique sensation of lightness and limitlessness, combined in one special moment. Having always been free-flyers ourselves, we’ve carried over the power and energy of flying into our brewery and line of beers. Much like we carefully and diligently test the wind and weather conditions before taking off, our painstaking brewing process involves selecting only the finest ingredients, attentively gauging the boiling temperature, and finally cruising the fermenting process with the utmost patience and care.

New adventures and experiences require courage and sticking power, but also a willingness to be creative, break free from the norm, and explore unchartered possibilities, with potentially unbounded results. Instinct may help us get our feet off the ground, but it is only in tasting something unexpected and new that we can truly experience a different sort of beer.


Almost Stout 

Bessie Coleman was the first African-American female aviator, a unique and special individual exemplified by BESSIE, our “ALMOST STOUT”.

Scents of roasted coffee, chocolate and liquorice merge harmoiusly with the acidulous taste of the wheat-y, added to make this beer unique.