In September 2014 Taberna has turned 5 years old
A long way that launched a logo, a name and a risky bet in the excellence of Italian cuisine.

We often talk of Taberna, many talk of Taberna, and they speak well, as we hear about them on social networks and blogs: it means that the gamble paid off.

The visual power 
The design that we like is visually powerful, because this is the only way to achieve its goal: to be always incisive
So the image of Taberna is far from any weakness in shape, colour or surface
The timelessness 
We look at the trends, we expect the future and we try to make plans for the future, because we are against any fashion design and each design "fashion”, against temporary solutions, which are part of the culture ofwaste, both energy and money only for the sake of making something "new." 

Taberna must stand the test of time, to meet the needs of customers, the public, do not want to. 
A clear design with its simple lines, primary shapes and essential colors that reflects content in appropriate and durable way. A design that brings a message rather than mere sensory stimulation.
The equilibrium 
Very often, especially today, there is a widespread desire to change only for the will to change: the worst possible motivation.

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